Digital Absolute Caliper Inch/Metric, 0-8″, Thumb Ro., w/o Output



Digital ABS Caliper CoolantProof IP67

Inch/Metric, 0-8″, Thumb Ro., w/o Output

This IP67 ABSOLUTE digimatic caliper allows reliable measurements in a wide range of situations and offers you the following benefits:

  • Excellent resistance against water and dust (IP67 protection level) enabling use in machining situations that include splashing coolant fluid
  • It is dustproof, complies with EN60529 and withstands temporary complete immersion in water without suffering any damage.
  • Extraordinarily long battery life
  • ABS (ABSOLUTE) scale requires no origin setting after power-on and has no limit to response speed.
Weight 0.194 kg
Dimensions 29 × 5 × 1.6 cm

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