Delivery policies and guarantees of the Online Store Techmaster de México SA de CV

Techmaster de México has a delivery and guarantee policy for products purchased on the official online store of Techmaster de México


Managing your orders

Once receipt of payment is confirmed and/or according to the existence of the product and you have received confirmation from our customer service; your package will be sent to the address you have specified. This process can take up to 48 hours. Products will not be shipped without first receiving your payment in our accounts. We inform you that we do not manage or prepare any shipment on holidays or weekends.


Shipping cost

The shipping cost will be chosen by the customer when he is in the purchase process, our system allows him to choose the shipping cost, parcel provider and the time in which he wishes to receive his product . The costs of packaging, packaging and handling are borne by Techmaster de México.

The shipping cost chosen by the customer will depend on the total weight of your package, volume, destination and the selected package. All processes of Techmaster de México SA de CV are based on quality assurance policies.


Package delivery

The parcel service must deliver to the customer a package/box sealed with the TECHMASTER label and/or adhesive tape. Our customer service will send a copy of the invoice via email, if it has already been managed (see Invoice Management section). The parcel service may or may not request the acceptance signature of the person receiving it. We are not responsible for any damage that your package may suffer after receipt of the shipment, it is important for us to do everything possible to protect all products.


Order management intervention

If at the time of managing your order and making the payment there is a shortage of the product, you will be notified by telephone and by email indicating the situation and a tentative delivery date will be provided. If you decide to receive the delivery of the products that are in stock, the shipment will be made in the normal way. And the missing product will be sent to you later once we have the product back in stock; If your shipment is less than $400.00 pesos, TECHMASTER may send your missing product at no cost to you.

Or, if you decide you are no longer interested in the out-of-stock item, we may issue a refund for the price of the item. Which may be reflected in the following 7 days in the account that you there used to make the payment. If necessary, your card number or interbank code will be verified. To receive the refund, you must respond to the shortage notification email with your refund decision. You will receive a later email indicating that the refund will be made.


Application of guarantees

Due to Warranty/Manufacturer Defects

Techmaster de México SA de CV does not legally represent any of the brands it sells, it acts only as a distributor of the brands shown and sold through</p >

Guarantee application

Refers to products purchased in the online store of Techmaster de México and that have a malfunction. To make the guarantee request, it is important that you provide us with:

  • Order number
  • Product model
  • Serial number
  • Detailed fault description
  • Legible copy of the invoice
  • Send an email to with the title ‚ÄúWarranty Application and # of your order


The customer may assert its manufacturer’s warranty if there is any manufacturing or factory assembly defect. Techmaster de M√©xico will provide you with support to present your request with the manufacturer and indicate your inconvenience. The guarantee of each product varies depending on the guarantees of each of the manufacturers. The entire warranty application process is carried out directly under the manufacturer’s standards and conditions.

As a recommendation, any manufacturer will request that the product be complete and in its original packaging. The packages/boxes must not be broken, incomplete, in non-original boxes, or lacking documentation such as technical data sheets, specifications, instructions, etc.) or missing accessories.


Notification of package damaged by parcel

Our parcel service, upon receiving the corresponding signature for the delivery of the package, assumes that the package is in excellent condition.

Only if the package shows any damage, you can decide not to receive the package and take photographs as proof of the packaging of the box and labels; It will be necessary to send us an email to, adding in the Subject of the email: the number of your order followed by the sentence ‚ÄúPackage damaged by parcel service‚ÄĚ. You must also include the photographs of said package where the labels can also be seen.

The parcel provider will notify us that you did not receive the delivery and it will be returned to the origin. In a period of 24 hours, the alliance parcel notifies the PKT 1 provider and they notify us.

You can also call us at the customer service number (664)387-5607 and present your case to later proceed with the mailing mentioned above.

Once Techmaster de México performs the analysis of the photographic content of your case and the corresponding complaint is filed with the parcel service, the shipment of your package may be rescheduled days later. The delivery date of your order will be confirmed by phone and email. TECHMASTER will not be responsible for the charge that may exist when returning to the origin by the parcel provider. The shipping cost for the second time is borne by the purchasing User.

Additionally, you have the option of seeing the damage to your package with our shipping provider, where, through PKT1 personnel, claims are managed at the 800 number or by starting a chat on your website, where a PKT1 advisor can give you advice and provide the necessary information to register the report.</ p>

Invoice management for purchase

You will be able to obtain the invoice corresponding to your purchase, when you register in our online store to proceed with your purchase, there is a box where you are asked if you are going to need an invoice, you must select the box. As data you must write your RFC, Company Name and Use of CFDI. Once your order has been processed and it is shipped, you will be receiving said document via email with the title ‚ÄúYour invoice is ready, thank you for shopping at Techmaster de M√©xico SA de CV‚ÄĚ.< /span>


Invoice correction

You will have 48 hours to request any modification from the time it is sent to your email. And as long as it is within the month in which the invoice was made. You must respond to the email from which we sent your invoice requesting the modification, you must send us your document no older than 3 months of your RFC to proceed to make the correction of the invoice. Within 48 hours you will be receiving your corrected invoice via email.