Calibrador de Temperatura – 724

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Built for the masters of temperature.
The Fluke 724: everything you need to troubleshoot and calibrate temperature.
Now you can carry one tool to expertly test all the temperature sensors and transmitters in your plant.
The Fluke 724 is the master’s answer to temperature calibration. The Fluke 724 can measure and source 10 thermocouple types and 7 RTD types, plus volts and ohms.
The Fluke 724 even handles high-speed pulsed RTD circuits and provides loop power.
The dual line measure/source display lets you source temperature and view loop current at the same time.
With its simple, “no menus controls, the Fluke 724 is easy to operate, too.

Mas Detalles

Feel the Heat!
The new Fluke 724 Temperature Calibrator is a powerful yet easy-to-use calibrator. Use the measure and source functions to test and calibrate almost any temperature instrument.
Easy to read dual display lets you view input and output simultaneously
Measure RTDs, thermocouples, ohms, and volts to test sensors and transmitters
Source/simulate thermocouples, RTDs, volts, and ohms to calibrate transmitters
Perform fast linearity tests with 25% and 100% steps
Execute remote tests with auto step and auto ramp
Power transmitters during test using loop power supply with simultaneous mA measurement
Store frequently-used test setups for later use
Compact, streamlined shape makes it easy to carry
Rugged, reliable design stands up to field use
Backlight lets you work in poor light
Large battery capacity of four AA cells
Battery door for easy changes