Torque Checker 0-17 Lb. – TRC-2

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Product Description

TRC Digital Torque Tool Checker
Fast, accurate and convenient calibration of torque wrenches, torque drivers, and the Series TRC Digital Torque checker is a user friendly instrument for calibrating or measuring torque values. The single button operation does it all-Zero, Test, Store & Repeat. In addition to Average, Maximum, Minimum, and Peak values, the TRC features Red/Green/Red LED’s (HI-GO-LO) combined with an audible alarm that enables quick, large batch testing. The TRC’s expansive 3,000 data point storage capacity makes large batch testing possible. The Series TRC is USB ready for easy PC software interfacing with the included cable. Combined with the free DIGITORQ software, statistical analysis of the data can be performed and conveniently graphed on Microsoft® Excel. The TRC is a portable device powered with internal, rechargeable batteries or with the included AC adapter/charger. The TRC’s small foot print saves valuable lab space. It’s low profile, (3.82”) rugged design, and included factory certificate promotes proper calibration procedures, ensuring overall test and product quality.

Mas Detalles

Precise ± 0.5% F.S. ± 1 digit accuracy ensures exact results
Variety of applications met with ranges from 17.7 in•lb (2 N•m) all the way to 88.5 in•lb (10 N•m)
Memory function allows convenient storage of up to 3000 readings for later retrieval
Large, easy to read LCD displays torque values in four selectable engineering units
Durable, cast-aluminum heavy-duty construction withstands demanding wear and tear
PC connectivity with USB interface and free DIGITORQ software enables data analysis and graphing on Microsoft® Excel
Truly portable with compact, light-weight design and internal, rechargeable batteries
Recharge batteries with included 120/240V AC adapter/charger or utilize adapter for continuous use
Change measuring modes to capture Average, Maximum or Minimum values in both clockwise (CW) & counterclockwise (CCW) directions
Speed up large batch tests with the integral Red/Green LED comparator that responds in accordance to pre-programmed tolerances