Test Stand For F-Gauge – FGS-100H

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Product Description

Manual Hand-wheel Force Test Stand
SHIMPO’s manual test stands offer the ability to obtain accurate, consistent results without the high cost of a motorized system. Our hand-wheel test stand is excellent for applications where more precise control is necessary.

The FGS-100H manual hand-wheel test stand has a 200 lb. (100 kg) capacity and can ensure accurate, consistent test results with the addition of a SHIMPO INSTRUMENTS digital or mechanical force gauge.

Nearly all manufacturers’ gauges are compatible with SHIMPO’s test stands for incredible versatility. These stands are designed for precision, balance, and durability. Therefore they are perfectly suited for measuring a limitless range of materials such as, wire, spring, plastic, paper cord, tubing, glass and composites.

Mas Detalles

Model FGS-100H (Hand-wheel)
Capacity 200 lb (100 kg)
Stroke 0.12” (3 mm) /wheel turn approx.
Vertical Clearance 2” – 7.95” (52 – 202 mm) 6 steps, 1.18”/step (30 mm/step)
Product Weight 33 lb (15 kg)
Warranty 2-Year