Series High/Low Power Programmable AC Source – 61500

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Product Description

1 – 3 Phase
Highest performance AC Source with power analyzer functions built-in
Provides 0-300VAC or 0-424VDC output from a single source
Built-in DSP provides for voltage transient simulations, harmonic current measurements and compliance testing to many IEC & Military standards

Mas Detalles

Besides functioning the same as the 61600 series, the 61500 AC power source is equipped with more features. It allows user to compose different harmonic components to synthesize your own harmonic distorted wave-shapes. The DC and AC+DC mode also extend the applications to simulate the natural waveform.

By using advanced DSP technology, 61500 AC power source offers precision, high speed power, and harmonics measurements up to 40 orders of current harmonics components.

It comes equip with powerful features such as:

Power line disturbance simulation and AC power distortion
Programmable output impedance
Comprehensive measurement function
Harmonics, inter-harmonics Wave-shape synthesis
Voltage dips and variation simulation
High output current crest factor, ideal for inrush current testing