Hand Tachometer – DT-107A

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Product Description

Series DT-107A (LED) Contact Tachometers
The Series DT-107A Tachometer with microprocessor technology has heralded a superior standard in tachometer accuracy and capabilities for measuring and recording speeds of rotational, linear and surface plus total length. Offering unprecedented confidence, the DT-107A battery-operated tachometers feature the same rugged, high quality components that have made them the benchmark in the industry. These user-friendly, value-packed units feature memory storage; quick adjustment units knob; length functions; retrieval of last, maximum and minimum values; plus each unit comes standard with a free N.I.S.T. certificate. Units are available with an LCD or vibrant red LED display.

Incorporating the precise technology and user-friendly functions as the DT-107A, the DT-107A-S12 provides an exceptional accuracy in measuring speed and length via its 12” wheel. The larger wheel rotates more slowly than a standard 6” wheel, enabling reliable and safe registration of high speeds.

Mas Detalles

Outstanding accuracy allows usage in the strictest applications
Exceptionally rugged die-cast aluminum housing enables usage in the harshest conditions
Wide field selection of units in both instantaneous rate as well as totalized length satisfies a multitude of user requirements
Large 5 digit display aids user visibility
Expansive 10 measurement memory capacity allows quick retrieval of stored data plus additional last, max. & min. values
Long-life battery (25-40 hrs. continuous use) eliminates concerns of being down during testing
Compact, ergonomic design allows easy grip
Rear threaded inserts provides option to mount to stand or other device
Available display options of either LCD or vibrant, bright red LED
CE Mark combined with free N.I.S.T. certificate provides peace of mind due to the quality of the instrument