Additional Information


Product Description

The multiple-language FG-7000T’s provide menu programming for easy selection and set-up of the instrument to your desired requirements. Data can be viewed on the screen, sent to the optional printer, or loaded to be analyzed and graphed on the free software program. In addition, the comparator output can be set up for integration of the instrument into a quality system for repetitive testing such as on a production line. The FG-7000T’s robust housings are designed to fit perfectly in the operator’s hand for portable testing. The large back-lit, 180° auto-reversible display, CW/CCW directional bar graph, combined with the dual labeled key pad allows for usage of the gauge in various positions while still being able to easily view and operate.

Mas Detalles

    • Display operates in numerical or graph modes, both include a directional bar graph
    • Graph mode combined with set point tolerances provides instant recognition of process relation to upper and lower limits
    • Four Modes of Operation: Peak, First Peak Preset or Track Mode
    • Memory with group categorization to easily separate your tests for review and later download
    • Free software for viewing, graphing and analyzing data on PC
    • Large, Backlit, Auto-Reversible display with various icons of test status aids user during testing
    • Programmable High/Low tolerances combined with comparator NPN/PNP output allow usage in quality control production lines