Hawk Duo CNC – Microscopio de Medición Optica y en Vídeo Automatizado


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Product Description

Hawk Duo CNC

Hawk Duo CNC ofrece el mejor control, calidad y flexibilidad para una medición precisa de componentes de precisión, combinando las tecnologías de medición óptica y de vídeo en un sistema de CNC controlado totalmente automatizado.

  • Rango de medición hasta 200 mm x 150 mm
  • La tecnología del microscopio óptico Dynascope™ ofrece una claridad de imagen sin rival, facilitando las mediciones precisas.
  • La medición en vídeo integrada ofrece la mejor potencia y flexibilidad.

Al integrar un microscopio de medición ergonómico con un sistema de medición en vídeo totalmente automatizado, Vision Engineering ha creado Hawk Duo CNC.

Hawk Duo CNC ofrece una medición de repetición de alta precisión de componentes complejos de todos los materiales y se supera en la medición de rutina y de componentes de difícil visualización, como plásticos negros o transparentes – ¡todo en un sistema!

Hawk Duo CNC está diseñado para empresas que exigen los más altos niveles de calidad en la fabricación, con la potencia y flexibilidad para dar respuesta a los requisitos de medición más exigentes.

Puntos Destacados:

  • Mediciones ópticas y en vídeo en 3 ejes totalmente automatizadas
  • La cabeza de visualización con resolución microscópica patentada define con claridad las bordas, hasta en muestras de difícil visualización
  • Sistema de medición en vídeo de alta resolución integrado, ideal para mediciones de rutina
  • Platina de medición de alta precisión
  • Software basado en PC poderoso e intuitivo
  • Conjunto de configuraciones y opciones del sistema

Dos sistemas de medición en uno – aumente su versatilidad

¿Por qué medición óptica y en vídeo?

Hawk Duo CNC ofrece una solución poderosa y flexible para dar respuesta a las aplicaciones de medición más exigentes. Además de programable, con un control CNC totalmente automatizado, Hawk Duo CNC combina tecnologías de medición óptica y en vídeo en un único sistema. Así, independientemente del componente que esté midiendo, tiene a su disposición la potencia y flexibilidad para utilizar el mejor método de medición – ¡en un único sistema!

Los usuarios hasta tienen la capacidad de alternar entre la medición óptica y en vídeo dentro de la misma rutina de medición.

Mas Detalles

In addition to the speed, time-saving and productivity of CNC automation, customers choose Hawk Duo CNC since they can accurately measure all their routine components, difficult-to-view features, or critical components where 100% confidence is required.

Hawk Duo CNC offers a versatile solution where simultaneous visual inspection is an advantage.

Hawk Duo CNC incorporates a high resolution video camera, ideal for many routine component part measurements using a suite of video edge detection tools. It has a high precision ergonomic optical measuring microscope, for unsurpassed accuracy and critical repeatability.

Creating a measurement routine could not be easier, via the simple record function. Advanced software options provide ultimate power and flexibility, with advanced programming features, such as fully conditional programming.

Measuring stage control is performed with joystick and trackerball, providing fine and precise movement.

The Hawk difference

Vision Engineering holds world patents for a number of technologies which optimise optical and ergonomic performance.

Hawk’s patented Dynascope™ technology enables you to view intricate and low contrast objects with confidence, increasing measurement accuracy and productivity, while reducing costs.

Black-on-black? White-on-white? Transparent subjects? Difficult-to-view features may all be viewed in intricate detail, making it easy to take accurate measurements.

Dual optical and video measuring technologies make Hawk Duo ideal for…

Measuring components where edges of features can easily be identified, but where there are occasional difficult-to-view features, such as coloured plastics.
When there is a mixture of routine measurements and critical dimensioning, e.g. medical devices.
For a mix of batch components and one-off parts.
Dynascope™ technology explained

Dynascope™ technology removes the need for conventional microscope eyepieces, offering the user a superior image of the subject. Hawk Duo is a true optical microscope. Unprocessed, high resolution, true-colour optical images are viewed through the ergonomic eyepiece-less viewing head.

Light passes through the patented Dynascope™ optics, exiting the single viewing lens as twin (mono) light paths. The large diameter of these exit rays means that users do not need to precisely align their eyes with the viewing lens in order to see the subject.

‘Next generation’ multi-touch measurement software

Hawk features ‘next generation’ multi-touch measurement software, featuring ‘touch-to-measure’ technology, making Hawk Duo exceptionally intuitive, easy to operate and easy to learn.

‘Touch-to-measure’ means that in addition to conventional mouse control, you can ‘pinch’ to zoom, ‘swipe’ to pan across an image and ‘touch’ to take a measurement. You can even trace your finger around a shape to ‘see’ the feature.

Icon-based control provides users with smartphone familiarity, with a Windows 7 operating system for simple integration with applications such as Microsoft Excel (not included), or connection with network printers etc

Measuring stage calibration, with NLEC

Hawk Duo CNC is available with a high specification, high performance measuring stage, providing a measuring range of 200mm x 150mm (8″ x 6″).

Every measuring stage has factory-set non-linear error correction (NLEC) calibration to ensure optimum accuracy, which is traceable to NPL/NAMAS/NIST standards for the purposes of ISO9000.

Combined with 0.5µm resolution measuring encoders, this provides a system repeatability of up to 2µm * for complete confidence in your results.

* when using 200mm x 150mm measuring stage (200x system magnification, using controlled conditions).

System options

The modularity of the Hawk Duo non-contact measurement systems allows for a wide range of vision systems, individually tailored for specific measurement applications.

- See more at: http://www.visioneng.com/products/non-contact-measurement/hawk-automated-optical-and-video-measurement-microscope#Vtab98